10 steps in setup and registration

All settings take about 3 minutes time =)

Do not forget-choose the language you need in the languages of the site




Select registration section






Password-login, email, password

Confirmation of the account by email is not required, you can immediately start using!





Open the site navigation menu at the top right





To get started you need to add your account to instagram






Click-add account





Specify the login and password from the account.

If instagram asks for confirmation, confirm the account.

The account is tied not through the binding application, but by authorization, so your password is not stored anywhere.

Proxy-specify at will (you can then or without it)





Open the section of your message templates





You can add 1 message list which will have multiple templates. In this case, the poisoned will be messages randomly from your list.

You can write 1 message for 1 list that will be used for different tasks.

For auto greeting your new subscribers - 1 message can be specified.





The text of your message.

You can use emoticons-the icon of their choice on the right.

You can use the construction of random text sending in messages {Hello / Hello | Good day | Wow} and so on...

Emoticons from the clipboard may not be supported! To use emoticons, select them on the right in the menu!

After saving, the message is saved by the construction site, even when it was entered in the column, the message will be sent to the column or to the construction site, no matter how it looks after saving.





The last step is to create Automatic message sending.

You create a task and choose a timer (you can without time limits).


  1. Select instagram account
  2. Select task-messages to new subscribers, new subscriptions, from whom you unsubscribed, who unsubscribed from you
  3. Choose a message to be sent to them or write directly make your message to be sent
  4. Save

Automatic timer for displaying notifications and sending messages 5-10 minutes.

Once you have subscribed to the user in instagram, he will send a message within 5-10 minutes